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Well thought out guidance – scoring points with confidence and performance!

It is important to me that there is give and take in the team and that the young skiers can learn from the experienced ones. “Make Germany great again” – that is the goal I have in mind for the team. That is why I demand from everyone that they place their confidence in me and back this up with a great urge to perform well.

When we first met, it did not take long for Vicky and me to sound each other out, we are both uncomplicated – so I felt right from the beginning that we would work well together and deal with each other on an equal footing. We always have good discussions, and follow a certain principle – we first evaluate the situation and then find a winning strategy together.

We analyse what we can improve and the two of us then stand behind the decision we have made. Our list of plus and minus points is actually always fairly identical, so it is easy for us to find a common denominator.

Vicky scrutinizes everything and discusses it on a highly professional basis and also intelligently, at the same time her approach is very structured. Above all, she needs the confidence of the coach and the team. Well thought out guidance is important to her, i.e. she wants to understand why she should accept a decision or take a specific step. When I tell her in these situations, “It’ll work!” – she does it. She knows I’m pushing her to the hilt – but also that I’m 100% behind her.

Because she questions everything and is very smart, she needs people around her with whom she can work intensively – not too many, but they have to be people she can trust. And she has this in the people in our  team!