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Having to be patient is not quite so easy!

Hi Everyone!

Of course, I was disappointed coming sixth in the Super-G in Lake Louise on Sunday! But when I look back at it, I see that the gap was actually not that big. I simply forget that I have not had such an intense period of training as the others – up until my injury I had only had just one day in August and one day in September to train for the Super-G – so I think I didn’t do so badly after all last Sunday. Patience has never really been one of my strong points 😉

I am sure you already know that the length of the race slope was shortened due to the snow and we started lower down the mountain. That was the right decision, and the helpers on the slopes did a great job in all that bad weather. The top section of the slope, i.e. the steep part, would have been good for me – nevertheless I was able to finish the rest of the run with a good time. From the final split time to the finish I lost four tenths. I was somewhat puzzled myself at how this loss came about. I will analyse the video to see what I have to improve on.

I am really glad to be back again, that my knee stood the test and that I have been able to really give my all, especially after my injury! In Killington I noticed on the morning of the race that something was not quite right – the pain had influenced me mentally, somehow it was still in my head! That’s why I didn’t push myself to the Limit.

In Lake Louise, I then had a good start – despite the poor visibility and my old injury, I managed to overcome my demons and went 100 per cent into attack mode from start to finish. It actually went better in the first race – and I was rewarded with a strong 5th place on Friday and rank 6 in Super G!

The atmosphere in Lake Louise was great. We were all accommodated “under one roof” in one hotel and could hook up with each other all day long, if we wanted. It really was a very special atmosphere! Everybody felt they were part of one big family, although we all come from many different countries. But now we are on the road again ! Today and tomorrow I am training in Austria. Then we are off to Sestriere (ITA). That is where, on Friday, we will check the condition of the slopes and the snow, before things hot up again on Saturday for the Giant Slalom. As always, I will do my best.

Yours, Victoria



ALPINE SKIING - FIS WC Lake Louise LAKE LOUISE,CANADA,04.DEC.16 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS World Cup Lake Louise, Super G, Ladies. Image Shows Viktoria Rebensburg (GER). Keywords: Stoeckli. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxHUNxONLY GEPAxpictures/xMarioxKneisl

Alpine Skiing FIS WC Lake Louise Lake Louise Canada 04 DEC 16 Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup Lake Louise Super G Ladies Image Shows Viktoria Vine Castle Ger Keywords Stoeckli PUBLICATIONxINxGERxHUNxONLY GEPAxpictures XMarioxKneisl