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My Goal – To Re-define My Chances!

St. Moritz was a week that confronted me with a very big emotional challenge and gave me a good deal to think about – in the Super-G I made a good fourth place, but it still really hurt to be so close to a medal, yet so far away! The 11th place in the Downhill was not easy for me, either, but I focused then on my chances of winning a medal in the Giant Slalom.

The Giant Slalom, however, turned into a nightmare for me. I thought this could just not be happening to me. I still find it difficult to put into words – all the work and effort of the season was geared to the World Championships in St. Moritz and I thought it was all going so well: the warm-up was great, my skis had been prepared perfectly, and I was fit as a fiddle. There was no way I was going to fail, that is why it was such a bitter experience.

For me, the way I dropped out was extremely painful. After my mistake, I might perhaps have found my line again. In the situation, however, I just didn’t get it together. I was still much too shocked, because up to that point I had had a very safe and good run and was then suddenly bootedt out of the race.

My goal was not to lose control in the situation and to pull myself together quickly. Usually I am always able to find a solution and react quickly in such situations – but not this time!

Under these circumstances I tend to forget the many adversities and challenges I was confronted with during the season, such as the injury at the beginning and trying to catch up on my training deficit, the effects of the gastrointestinal virus and the cold I had. Throughout the weeks I had put myself under considerable pressure. And that’s the way it should be, because I was going for a medal at the World Championships. Having to deal with such a big disappointment, however, simply takes time.

Now, spending time with my family and my friends on Lake Tegernsee, I have finally found the time to come to terms with it and put it behind me. It is a place where I can simply be me, a place I can withdraw to and concentrate on the next four weeks. I am really glad now that I am moving on quickly and that I still have a few more opportunities to show how well I can perform.

After the season, I will have the time to once again analyse everything in peace and quiet, draw clear conclusions in preparation for the next season and to re-define my chances.

The one thing I know for sure is that I never want to experience anything like this again – this gives me the strength to look forward!

Yours, Victoria