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I am ready to go … and I got off to a really good start in the World Cup!

I’ve already got  the first giant slalom behind me – in Sölden I managed to come in fourth under really difficult conditions. It was a great start to build on. I’m looking forward to the races ahead!

And when I now look back at my last year, it really was quite an outstanding season for me. I had some very good races in the Giant Slalom and even won the crystal ball in the end. I also skied well in the Super-G, unfortunately I didn’t make it onto the winners’ rostrum so often due to a few small mistakes. The fact that I ended up on the rostrum in the Super-G at the season’s finale in Are was even nicer.

Basically, I am facing the same challenge as last season. In the Giant Slalom I would, of course, like to win the crystal ball again. In the Super G, I am also aiming for the top places and then, in the World Cup, it is  my goal to bring home a few medals, both in the Giant Slalom and in the Super G. That’s why it was important to us, as a team, to take a closer look at what we can do better.

We integrated a regeneration break into my training program – this meant that during my preparations for the season I spent three days a week in Garmisch, where I also had a room. At noon between the training sessions I was able to kick back and regenerate. I went through my strengths and weaknesses with my condition trainer – something we had  worked on throughout the summer. In each area we tweaked and fine-tuned a few things to make sure I was training with absolute efficiency and making very good use of the training weeks. We have tried to optimise the processes from year to year, to use time wisely and to make my mobilisation or regeneration on the day of the race even more efficient. We looked even more closely at my diet to ensure optimal fitness for the competitions. It was important to us to develop an overall training program that would produce optimal results!

You’ve no doubt already read about it – I have a new principal sponsor. Helvetia is a brand I have great confidence in and whose team I know really well. I was with Helvetia before for four seasons, we’ve always had close contact, and I always felt very at home there. In view of this favourable collaboration, we have now decided to enter into a long-term partnership. And that is yet another reason why I’m looking forward to the start of the new season!

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