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Good skiers are made in summer!

I train very intensively throughout the whole of the summer – it’s hard to believe, but for us professional skiers this time of year is a very important preparation phase, extending over 2.5 months. Every day we have to push ourselves to the limit to get the maximum benefit! Every season is preceded by this tough preparation phase.

I train every day, usually in two sessions:

The unit in the morning takes about 2.5 to 3 hours and mainly focuses on my power training and the development and retention of muscle mass. When going round the training circuit it is important to maintain each power exercise for a long time. It’s stamina that counts – how long can I keep it up?

It is above all your physical strength and power in your legs that pave the way for good control of curves and jumps. That is why classic knee bends, sidesteps and lunges forward, along with many other exercises are part of my plan – on Facebook I recently gave you some insight into our training camp in Styria in Austria! I was there with the team and we had a great time with some excellent training days.

The afternoon session lasts about 1.5 to 2.5 hours. The focus here is on cycling, running and coordination training. On my holidays I enjoyed perfect training conditions as you can see on my pictures! Training your body tension and balance are very important because it helps to avoid injuries. That’s why for me training is always a form of prevention.

As you can see, in the summer, I train all the important physical requirements on different training circuits. The main emphasis is, of course, on strength and power, along with coordination, balance, speed, and also a specific torso training program.

At the end of July I start heading for snow-covered slopes – this year I’ll be skiing in Zermatt (Switzerland). In August and September, my goal will be to maintain the energy reserves built up during the summer and once again to concentrate on certain challenges and to work on fine-tuning my performance.

Even during this period outside the season, I do a lot of preparation and follow-up work for my training sessions and pay special attention to my regeneration.

So, as you can see – after the season is before the season!


Your Viktoria