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Five vital building blocks for the future!

For quite some time I had been thinking how I could explain to children that health is an important resource that should be looked after and maintained on a long term basis. Then I made up my mind to concentrate on those areas that are important to me as a competitive sportswoman. I am convinced that these are just as important for children – especially as what they have to do in school every day really is quite a challenge!

I am  grateful to the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care for supporting me in the selection of these areas: With its competence in the field of child health, I am sure that I am going to get my message across to children and their parents!

What areas then does Fit & Aktiv focus on? I am going to introduce them here:

Nutrition. Of course, it is important that I eat a balanced and healthy diet and also make sure that I drink enough. Regular meals are important for me as a professional athlete, in order to  keep up my performance. I need peace and quiet when I eat or I love to cook with friends. In the course of the preparation for the project, I also received nutrition tips and great recipes from my partner, the dairy company, Berchtesgadener Land!

Movement. My training is very diverse and varies throughout the year. For me, it is important to perfect all my physical resources – including strength, endurance, coordination, agility and speed. I am a person of movement, and next to skiing, I like to go hiking in the mountains regularly, go cycling, play golf or go running.

Self-efficacy, For me, mental strength is very important – a feeling for what I am capable of and how I can achieve my goals. My powers of concentration are the basis for this – in a race, I think of nothing else, it is only the moment that counts. That’s why I do not let myself be distracted by anything. I concentrate solely on myself. My preparation, however, also makes me mentally strong – I know when I have to be in top form, and I have an exact training and recreation plan right up to the race, which I stick to consistently. Every day is planned in detail – that gives me my peace and security.

Precautions. Naturally I have regular check-ups carried out by our team doctors, and I also go to the  dentist  several times a year! I also enjoy my regular physiotherapy sessions, which are important for my general physical fitness and the optimal utilisation of the upcoming training units – and I can relax there at the same time!

Relaxation. I surround myself with people who do me good and give me security. I love my family and friends, and I like to be at home – that is the best form of relaxation for me!

This was a small insight into my Fit & Aktiv program – how children can do something for their health, you can check it out from May onwards!

Yours, Viktoria