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Equipment development and optimization – never forgotten!

Vicky is great to work with. She’s like a close friend you can talk to about absolutely everything. Of course we spend a lot of time talking about developing and optimizing equipment, but we have lots of other things to talk about too!

Vicky’s ambitious and she’s demanding. She feels how the skis work and whether or how they’re harmonizing with the snow, and she needs to get a lot out of them. So she gives us really clear, concise feedback, and that helps us a lot in our product development.

It’s wonderful that we have a lot of fun and get along well, but at the same time we take this work very seriously. We treat each other as equals, see eye to eye and work together as a team.

She’s simply a great athlete to work with, and that really motivates us. Some athletes take everything we do for granted, but Vicky sees the huge amount of work that goes into the development and fine-tuning of the equipment, time and time again.

At the moment we’re right in the middle of our preparations for the next season, and we’re setting our sights high. Last season’s injury sadly prevented Vicky from showing her full potential, but we’re working on it now, and next season she’ll be back on top form!