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Discovering New Sporting Worlds

Over the last few weeks Viktoria, versatile as she is, has been getting into a few other types of sport, both as a fan and as an active participant.

For example, she kept her fingers crossed for the German national team at the European Football Championships in France, while, at the same time, kept her eye on the Grand Slam tournament in Wimbledon. “Strong performances were the order of the day on both the football field and the tennis court, I was on the edge of my seat every time I watched the action”, says Viktoria enthusiastically about these two major sporting events.

As the well-known saying goes – “Good skiers are made in summer” – and that is why the 26-year-old already started training for the next season 8 weeks ago. It mainly consisted of fitness training with mountain running and cycling, along with circuit and weight training. “I really like this stage of preparation very much. I train at home on Lake Tegernsee and use the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with friends and family”, says Victoria. Our girl from Kreuth also had to put in some pole vault training and this turned out to be a particular highlight. “The pole vaulting sessions have not only brought about a change in the training plan, but have also had a positive impact on the diversity of my athletic ability. The technique is extremely challenging and it was great fun to learn a new sport – or let’s say, learn the basics, at least,” said Viktoria with a twinkle in her eye.

In addition to pole vaulting, our DSV athlete also managed to try out another sport at the end of June – sailing. As part of the Kieler Woche (regatta week in the city of Kiel) she entered for the Audi Ultra Cup race, in a team with Simon Grotelüschen, Tobias Angerer and Tino Edelmann. It was an exciting race and the “Winter Olympics” team claimed victory. For Victoria this was “an incredible experience! And as a novice to the sport of sailing I am also more than satisfied with the result.”

After the intensive training sessions of the past few weeks, which she spent mostly with her coach, Rudi and team-mate Leni Schmotz, Victoria is now heading for Saas Fee, together with the rest of the DSV team. The first snow training sessions are to focus on the slalom and on getting used to the new, short skis.


2016 07 25 KielerWoche