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Vktoria Rebensburg Blog

Dear skiing enthusiasts, Dear fans,

Skiing is of course my profession – but it is above all my absolute passion! I love the sport and all the ins and outs and challenges that skiing as an outdoor sport involves.

In my blog, I would like to take you with me on a tour both on and off the slopes and give you all the lowdown on Training & Competitions. I will give you insights into my preparations for the season, how the World Cup events are organised and show you what winter sports athletes get up to when they are not on TV.

In the Team & Supporter section, I will introduce you to the people who accompany me in my everyday life as a racing skier, those I meet on my travels – all those people who give me strength and lighten the load.

Last but not least, I would simply like to share my enthusiasm for the mountains, the snow and an active life (Fit & Active) with you. I’ll show you how I actively organise my free time, how I recover and charge my batteries for the skiing season. And, of course, I’ll also keep you informed about my project on child health, which I launched together with the Bavarian Ministry of Health and the authorities of the Berchtesgadener Land region.