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Between Sports Field and Hollywood Swing – Kicking Off and Kicking Back in the Summer

Compared with many other people I actually have a nice “office” to work in. In the summer you will often find me on the sports field at the training centre in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. I am not there  to just simply build up my strength or speed, but also  to focus myself and put all my passion into the exercises. It makes no sense to simply work through the moves. It is important to get the maximum use from every movement sequence and to put all your energy into it.

It really helps my concentration, I instantly feel alert and strong inside. Especially in summer, it is important not to lose that feeling of being ready to go at any moment and being able to deliver a top-notch performance in a short time. That’s why we keep putting ourselves into stress situations – positive ones – again and again. Every now and then during the fitness training sessions, for example, we hold  small competitions.

That’s the kick-off tension on the sports field – then when I get home, I get into some relaxation – I kick back. I have clear rest periods between workouts. And I allow myself something that is a luxury in this day and age –  I turn off my mobile for a while.  Not being reachable for a certain period of time has become a matter of course for me. It is a form of total relaxation and does wonders for my inner balance. I’m all alone with just me and myself.

And it’s the same when I am out in the countryside or the mountains: being outdoors, enjoying a leisurely bike ride, hiking up a mountain with my walking sticks in hand or just doing something at a lake – there are so many ways to relax ! In summer I enjoy the countryside where I live in a different way than in the winter and that for me is something really beautiful.

During the week I am mostly out and about doing things, but at the weekend I am at home and I really love having a day without having to deal with the  stress of travel or appointments. I’m a competitive athlete, I don’t just love the challenges my sport presents me with, but also the time between when I can relax, when I grab my mountain bike, ride out into the blue yonder and have time all alone for me and myself! But, if I’m really honest, the best way to relax is lounging around outside on my Hollywood swing!

And I have another tip for you – be woken up by a normal alarm clock and not by your mobile phone, this is a much better start to the day!

Your Victoria