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Be effective – develop mental strength!

At the beginning of “Fit & Aktiv”, we held intensive discussions with experts from science and research, as well as with children and families. It soon became clear that exercise, nutrition, health care and relaxation are important factors for the health of children.

We soon realised that there is a lot more to being healthy than meets the eye: a happy family life, solid self-confidence, a feeling of security from parents and siblings, support from teachers or other people the child relates to, competent dealing with fears or conflicts, as well as the joy of new challenges. We found all these factors very interesting – and we endeavoured to integrate them into “Fit & Aktiv”!

We decided to focus on the aspects that I experience as a competitive sportswoman every day. I have learned that I can master difficult situations on my own. I have learned to believe in myself and to always face up to new challenges. These experiences have strengthened my self-confidence – and I need that over and over again in every competition I take part in!

I prepare very carefully and consciously for competitions by going through many training sessions, my training program is planned rigidly both in summer as well as in winter. I set realistic goals and focus on them. I plan my successes. That’s why I’m not really afraid of any competition – sure, I’m excited, but I can handle it!

When things go wrong, however, I always learn from it, because I talk about what went wrong with my coaches and always think about what I can do better and develop new strategies.

It is important to me that children grasp the importance of mental strength. That is why I am working on this in cooperation with the Bavarian Ministry of Health. Last year, for example, I participated in an event that presented a report on mental health in children and adolescents. It was the first time a report of this kind had been compiled and was totally new for Germany!

My second partner, the Berchtesgadener Land dairy company, complements my approach perfectly: a sustainable shaping of the relationship between man, nature and animals and a feeling of belonging to the region they come from helps people to feel at home and grounded – and this feeling has a lot of influence on their level of satisfaction and, thus, also on their self-confidence!

Yours Viktoria

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