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At last – My “Fit & Aktiv” project is getting off the ground!

For me, as a competitive performance athlete, my health is an important resource, which I try to look after and maintain every day by means of varied exercises, healthy eating, regular healthcare and conscious relaxation. Mental strength through self-confidence is just as important to me as physical fitness, in order to face up to all the challenges on my own. I was fortunate that my parents and coaches encouraged me right from the start without ever putting any pressure on me. This is especially important for children, so that they can still have fun.

I would like to pass on all the experiences I had as a child to the children of today – in as vivid and playful a way as possible. I first hit upon this idea two years ago and now I am finally getting round to realising it. In May my “Fit & Aktiv” project is to go on tour for the first time offering kids a mobile world of experience. In three schools and at four events, children and families will be able to find out all kinds of important facts about their health in a playful and entertaining way.

Just as I, as a professional athlete, take care of my health every day throughout the training period and the competition season, so should children do the same during their school year, to make sure that they remain fit and active: movement, nutrition, relaxation, healthcare and self-efficacy are important because they all have a direct effect on one’s health.

My goal is to sensitise children at an early stage to take responsibility for their health. Health is of course a resource that is made up of many building blocks and one that is always in need of attention. My project is therefore intended to provide impulses and concrete advice throughout the school year, so that the children learn to deal with their health in a natural way on a daily basis.

I am very fortunate that my project has been supported right from the very beginning by very competent partners. As early as in 2014, I concluded a long-term cooperation agreement in the field of prevention programs for children and young people with the Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Nursing. Our main concern is to carry out specific projects that will promote the healthy development of children and young people in Bavaria.

I was able to win over the Berchtesgadener Land dairy company for my cause – a company that suits both me and my project really well. It has been producing organic products since 1973, so it is therefore the perfect representative of such values as sustainable responsibility, natural quality and fairness. For my project I have chosen the Berchtesgadener Land company to be the partner for the topic “Healthy and Balanced Nutrition”.

On May 10th,  “Fit & Aktiv” is to be launched with a press conference in Munich! I’m already looking forward to it and I’ll keep you all posted on how things are going!

Yours, Victoria