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Always there with an answer for Vicky!

I really like Toblach in South Tyrol, because it is quieter than in other ski resorts and we can concentrate on our training units and the set-up of the skis. The piste is neither too easy nor too difficult – the snow on it is hard and compact, and the surface is very good for our purposes. Many athletes train there.

And this brings me to Vicky – for her, this place is ideal, because we do not get distracted and we can focus on our goals. There is not too much going on around us there and that makes the situation very relaxed. This is what Vicky really enjoys – and it makes working with her so easy.

I really appreciate the work we do together, over the years we have got to know each other really well – she is not only a top performance athlete, but also very grounded, approachable and natural. She is very inquisitive and always needs an answer to her questions.

I see myself as her coach; I give her, above all, different suggestions for the technical side of the sport, but also the scope to want to try something new. This is my philosophy on how I like to work with athletes – I offer them the strategy, tactics and organisation required for training, and they give me feedback on how they feel about it. I always listen to my athletes, so I can develop a good feeling for them. If I want to advise them, it is important that I am on the same level as they are and that we trust each other.

And that is exactly what my cooperation with Vicky is like – we deal with each other respectfully and as partners. No matter how much advice you give to an athlete, at the end of the day it is he or she who actually does the job! That is why it is important that Vicky feels good – everything has to be right for her!