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Absolute Precision – Tuning My Set-up!

Coming 23rd in the Giant Slalom in Sestriere on 10th December 2016 was my “turning point”. That’s when I well and truly realised – “That’s not me down there!” I wondered for the first time whether the result was due to my lack of confidence, or whether the set-up and tuning of my skis ought to be adjusted again.

Afterwards, my team and I got together and discussed this question. One thing is for sure – I know what I am capable of and what qualities I have. I always perform well when everything has been sorted, right down to the last detail.

At Courchevel (France) the Semmering section of the postponed Giant Slalom was very icy. From the point of view of set-up, the first run was not perfect; for the second race, we therefore prepared the skis again and re-adjusted a few small details. This was a big step in the right direction, that’s why I landed in 7th place. On the second day everything went really well and I was back on the winners’s rostrum again. And that’s just how I want to go on!

As you know, the radius of the skis increased a few years ago, that means you need more strength and precision to get the skis around the bends in the run. And that is why it is even more important to coordinate the set-up so precisely!

I am a sensitive skier who picks up on almost everything around me. I notice immediately when even the smallest things are not right. I have to get a lot of feedback from the skis themselves; I have to feel that the skis are gripping the piste and biting right into the snow. I am very glad that I have Stöckli, my service man, and the rest of the team!

Yours, Victoria