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A Partnership with Quality!

As an expert in Nutritional Fine Tuning (NFT – sports), I am in personal contact with the world’s leading scientists and am responsible for putting the latest research results from the various fields into practice. For me the individual sports drinks and micronutrients I create are instruments for the application of these current research results – so I need to work together with athletes of quality. They have to understand my approach and analyse it so that, together, we can find a tailor-made concept.

With Vicky, the quality is there, so she is an ideal choice. She is an absolutely reliable partner who is not afraid to adopt new approaches and is willing to discuss them with me on a professional and objective basis. That is why I feel a sustainable development is possible with her – our goal is to combine the stimuli of training and competition  in the best possible way with the appropriate nutritive stimuli, so that her training / competition performance will be given an optimal boost.

Furthermore she is a partner I trust both absolutely and unreservedly. She has a straightforward, sincere and very honest way of dealing with things – there is nothing of the prima-donna about her. She is not only an athlete, but above all a human being I feel close to.

My drinks may not always be the tastiest, because of their composition – that was a slight problem for Vicky in the beginning. “Man, Vicky,” I used to say back then, “anybody who can whoosh down a mountain at 140 kph should also be able to stomach a drink that doesn’t taste so good!” It seems to have done the trick – because we’ve been working together for years.