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A man who is sensitive to both skis and skier!

I work for Stöckli and am responsible for Viktoria’s skis, that is to say I prepare her skis and for all the disciplines she competes in. At the moment, we are working on the perfect preparation of her skis and on the precision of their set-up, so that she can deal with all the different snow conditions and deliver the best performance.

Viktoria and I are very cooperative in the way we work together. She has a special feel for the snow and the character of all the various ski slopes – I integrate this feeling in the specific preparation of her skis. Of course, it is Viktoria who ultimately makes the decisions – she is the one on the skis, so she has to feel absolutely at ease!

I’ve been on the World Cup circuit for 28 years, I’ve worked for many athletes and nations, including the US skiing team, the Italian and Slovenian skiing teams.

As I have been working with Viktoria for only one year, I don’t have any particular anecdote to tell – just that she is a really good and sensitive skier, who I enjoy looking after and for whom I give my best. She has great potential and is capable of skiing very fast and producing record times.

Sometimes, however, I think she could do with a little more self-confidence – especially after her injury and the training deficit that resulted from it and which we are still having to deal with today. In training sessions she gets better every day! I am convinced that she is going to make it back to the top.

Of course, I am very close to her – in general every skier turns to his or her service man, whenever they have problems with the set-up and the preparation of their skis. I think it is very important to convince her at this time in particular that her situation can change quickly and that she will soon be back at the top! When you work with women you’re always having to build them up 😉

As a service man, it is very important to have a good rapport with the skiers you work with – it is in fact one of the main elements in our work. A good atmosphere is so important, especially when things do not go as planned. In these situations I always try to be cooperative, committed and positive.